Sound likes us. And we like Sound too. We play with Sound a lot because it makes Sound happy. And when Sound is happy, it shows. Sometimes, it becomes a grand old song.Sometimes, a trippy jingle. And sometimes, just a bunch of beeps, ba-dongs and bee-dee-boo-doo-bee-de-bees (which is a giggle in music terms).

There are sad pieces too. Not because Sound is sad but because it has a range of emotions like the stories in the commercials. Sound likes to play different every time. Otherwise, Sound gets bored.No music comes out nice when Sound is bored.

So we try lots of things.

We tinkle with possibilities and take Sound to places where it can perk up tired ears and push little unseen buttons
in the heart.

These are the sound sound-related services we provide:
* Original Music Composition
* Sound Design
* Music supervision
* Music searches
* Copyright clearances + Licensing negotiations
* Voice castings

So yes, we have our curious little pinkies in all things Sound.

Our Music-makers and Sound-dabblers come from around the globe with different flavours and vibes. They may come in different sizes and colours but they’re part of our family. A family that finds joy in being surrounded by Sound.